1. How do I wash it?

Washing the our Chef Jackets and aprons are simple. You simply machine or hand wash them in warm water without the use of bleach or fabric softener. To reactivate the water and stain repellency, simply tumble dry at normal to low heat at every few washes.

2. What happens after I pledge?

Don’t worry you won’t be charged until our project deadline in October.

3. How do I choose my size, style and fabric?

When the campaign ends, we’ll send you a survey to complete, where you can let us know what size, style and colour you would like. We’ll also ask your physical mailing address, so we know where you’d like us to ship the our Chef Jacket and Apron out to.

4. Can I alter the Chef Jackets?

Yes. Most tailors will be able to fit these to your body if needed.

5. What is the lotus effect?

The lotus effect refers to the very high water repellency (superhydrophobicity) resulting in self-cleaning properties, as exhibited in a lotus flower.

Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to a complex micro- and nanoscopic structures on the surface, which minimizes the liquids adhesion to the surface.

6. Will prices go up after the Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, the price of our Chef Jackets and Aprons will go up a little bit after the campaign, since we are offering our Kickstarter prices to backers only.

7. As an international backer, do I have to worry about Customs Charges?

Customs fees vary depending on your country you are in so we recommend checking with your customs office before you become a backer. The full amount of your pledge will be reflected on the invoice in your package, however it will be marked as a “gift” since you rewards is a gift in return for your generous support.

8. Can I pledge to get more than one Chef Jacket or apron at a certain level?

Yes you can can. For each additional Chef Jacket or Apron you want, simply add on another pledge amount to your current pledge. For example, if you’re in at the $100 level, add an extra $100 for each additional Chef jacket. If you want two of our Chef Jackets at that pledge amount, you’d pledge $200.

9. Where did the name come from?

Our name Fabricor comes from latin which means to; build / construct / fashion / forge / shape; train; get ready (meal); invent / devise.
It is very ethos of what we strive to do better.