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Are you in the zone yet? If you're not, get in it!


The Restaurant Zone is a new start-up classified ads site that is targeted solely on the restaurant industry. The website has been enjoying growth in its classifieds business which includes listings of restaurant jobs, restaurant equipment, restaurant software, restaurant property, new-restaurant openings/promotion, restaurant advertising, and more.

But it’s not any ordinary classifieds site. The software is user-friendly and constantly growing, and really aims at reducing the level of spam and scam that occurs on regular classifieds site. Additionally, the team prides itself in being more attentive and highly customizable for its clients. The team offers free email support, posting services, and other specialized services.

This especially holds true, when it comes to restaurant jobs classifieds, for instance. With restaurant jobs the company acts as a hybrid - of a staffing agency and a classifieds site, except way more affordable. 

For anyone that posts a restaurant job on the Zone, can expect all sorts of personal attention. Including:

  • The team screening & filtering resumes that comes in
  • Marketing restaurant job listings on social media
  • ‘Featuring’ the listing
  • Emailing the job to their network of contacts
  • Utilizing different software to drive extra traffic and resumes to the listing
  • And much more, check it out for yourself here

Restaurant jobs have been growing very popular on the site. The company has really seen large demand in the restaurant job industry - especially, with recruiters and staffing agencies that are struggling with filtering/screening the numerous of resumes they receive. The Zone, an affordable option proves to be one of the solutions to this problem.

So any of you restaurants, restaurant recruiters/staffing agencies, and job hunters check out the site at

And foodies check out their blog for different restaurant reviews and other fun restaurant news/topics!